Lived somewhere your whole life, and then you need to pack up and leave ? Who takes over your land, who lives in your house, and what happens to the cows ?


Touring village halls and community venues since 2004 with their memorable and distinctive shows, this company has always asked audiences what they wanted in the next Old Spot show. Unsurprisingly this produced a huge list of everything that bothers just about everyone, the only link being that these suggestions could only have come from country dwellers, in all their variety. From villager to incomer, from Farmer to Trucker, from landowner to tenant and from old to young the company try to give everyone their say. In a series of dramatic monologues and duets, a day in the life of the atypical average country dweller is stared at through the old Spot lens.



The show is self contained, as we carry our own lights and staging with us, and comes in under two hours including interval.


Technical Specifications

We need a 5 metre square with a 3 metre ceiling height and two standard plugs sockets on separate circuits: we bring our own lights and staging with us. No sound equipment is required. A smoke machine will be used as well as possibly several devices for making loud bangs.


We need a  three hour get in time and a hot meal two hours before show-time for four  persons. The get out or strike is between an hour and an hour and half after the audience has left the building. The company is 3 performers and 1 technician.


We will provide such flyers and posters that are deemed reasonable to each venue, as well as JPEG publicity images, press releases and a marketing guide for first time promoters.


Bookings and  General Enquiries: Olly Crick / 01453 549 082/ 0781 290 9584


“Why go Stratford or London when you can have shear brilliance delivered to your doorstep ?”  Chris and Tamara Butterworth, Chelmarsh village hall, about a previous old spot show.



AVAILABLE  SOON (pending funding)

Polished and Professional Theatre for Rural Audiences