Olly Crick
19 School Road
01453 549082

0781 290 9584
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Ways you can book us

1 Pay us a fee, and you get the ticket and bar money.

2 Arrange a box office split. Bar money to be discussed.

3 Have our performance subsidised by your local regional touring network eg “Air in G” for Gloucestershire, “Night Out” for Wales.

4 Pay us a fee to be the focus for a charity event. People will generally pay a little bit more for a charity event, an example would be to provide dinner as well, and then people would be happy to pay £20 or so for a black tie show and supper.

Things to bear in mind

    1 We would prefer if ticket prices were around the £5-8 mark, so as to make it affordable for a whole family to go.

2 We carry our own stage and backdrop with us, and often our own lighting rig.

3 We need at least a 4 hour get in time and 1 hour get out time.

4 Tea and Coffee would be nice when we arrive, a meal too is nice....

5 Our stage size is variable depending on the size of your venue…but you need to tell us your stage size

6 We will send you posters and fliers for you to distribute to help publicize the event if you require. Putting the event in local papers, parish magazines, parish notice-boards is a good idea. We will talk about who will contact the local press to raise the profile of your village hall.

7 Fridays and Saturday nights get booked up sooner than weekday nights.

8 For predominantly adult audiences an 8 o’clock start is good, but for family audiences 7.30 or 7.00 is better as parents worry about when to put their children to bed.


Anything else, just ask !