Orchard Theatre Company (Limerick, Ireland ), The Fabulous Old Spot Theatre Company
(Gloucestershire, UK) and Les Ouvriers de Joie (Paris, France) are together known as
The Company of Fools
And are presenting a rollicking, rustic, relevant and rumbunctious comedy for all ages
Violet, suppsedly  orphaned, is shipwrecked upon a strange and foreign shore, where learning a new language, and the local habits and customs become the least of her problems. Making necessary  alliances
(and fending off unnecessary ones ) she attempts to forge a new life in an unfamiliar landscape, full of shifting alliances and political duplicity, gradually learning new habits, and dropping old ones like hot potatoes. All the while, Time’s winged chariot grows ever closer.
Set in a Renaissance never-never land, where themes and issues may curiously parallel our own, The Company of Fools present a dramatic and highly entertaining cocktail of laughter, potential disaster, narrow squeaks, tight scrapes, misunderstanding, multi-lingual dexterity, existential angst, clowning, music,song, dance and state of the art jovial razzamatazz. A true family experience, engagingon every level.
Uno spectaculo internazionale, comici et multi linguale
The Company of Fools

· International production company comprising of Orchard Theatre Co, Fabulous Old Spot Theatre Co and Les Ouvriers De Joie
· Languages spoken in performance: Irish, English French, Gibberish and of course, Love.
· Touring Internationally in 2014 to England,Ireland and Europe
· Audience demographic: 6-96, a true family experience where the audience is engaged on every level.
· Genre: Highly dramatic, physical comedy in the style of Commedia dellArte

Key Personnel
· Olly Crick Fabulous Old Spot Theatre Co, England Writer, Director
· Simon Thompson Orchard Theatre Co, Ireland, Movement Director, Performer
· Anna Cottis Les Ouvriers De Joie, France, French Language Performer, Musician
· Eva Birdthistle Marketing and Photography, Ireland, Marketing, Venue Liaison
· Didi Hopkins Commedia Works & National Theatre, England, Workshop Tutor, Advisor

Ireland Contacts and tour booking
Marketing Information & Venue Liaison
Eva Birdthistle
086 3817677
Press Interviews & Technical Information
Simon Thompson
086 1086767
"We will be borrowing , as best we can, the majesty of Shakespeare, and the fluid comic grace of the Commedia dell'arte, seeking to make a piece of multi-lingual comedy that really will cross barriers"

Class performances and always excellent..a truly superb production” Testimonial on previous Orchard Theatre show (Theatre Ireland)

“Why go to London or Stratford when you can have such brilliance delivered to your door ?” Testimonial on previous Old Spot Theatre show.

“très drôle et grande professionnelle”, Tous Montreuil, Paris on les Ouvriers de Joie

UK Contact
Olly Crick 0781 290 9584
01453 549082 oldspottheatre@aol.com

France Contact
Anna Cottis anna.cottis@gmail.com

Email: anna.cottis@gmail.com?subject=from old spot web site
Email: oldspottheatre@aol.com?subject=from old spot wesbite
Email: info@mandph.com?subject=from old spot website
Email: info@orchardtc.com?subject=from old spot website