Artistic Policy

To celebrate the county and people of Gloucestershire, becoming the local theatre company for Gloucestershire and surrounds

To provide accessible professional and high class theatrical and carnival entertainment for all village halls, schools, theatres and community venues.

To reflect the needs, wishes, attitudes, problems, joys, idiosyncrasies and lives of the people and other inhabitants of Gloucestershire.

To be able to follow up all performances with appropriate workshops, information, discussions both theatrical and issue based, with the emphasis being on recyclable skills.

Guiding Principles

To use Gloucester based performers and to work in a family friendly manner
To create employment for locally based actors, designer, makers and performers
To develop a child friendly and childcare centred  method of working, not usually associated with theatre as a whole.
To be an equal opportunities theatre company, anti sexist and anti racist


To be always invited back to venues where we perform
To create a core ensemble and a wider pool of similarly minded performers for other projects
To create educational links with ND, HND and FE drama colleges and to be able to take students on regularly for work placement and performance experience. To use the characters and conventions of the Commedia dell'Arte as a basis for performance, teaching and exploration.
To provide music, song and dance within every theatre show.
To work with, not against other theatre providers in the region.
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